Why choose us?

You de-stress while we clean up the mess

There’s quite a few reasons why you need to choose us and these are just a few of them:

Security screened staff with background check

100 % Eco friendly cleaning products

Tailored made service to suits your needs

Motivated and friendly team

24 Hour re do policy

Fully insured

Fully trained staff

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Yes, we’re cleaning fairies who have a lot of fun doing what we do but we do take cleaning very seriously. It’s very important to us that you are always pleased with the sparkling, clean results so we’re focused and committed to doing an absolutely fabulous job each and every time. For your complete peace of mind and security we vet and check all our staff so we both know that whoever we employ is completely trustworthy and is of sound character. We only employ passionate cleaning fairies who enjoy what they do and all our gifted team are are trained to the highest level. Our proven track record around excellence is something we’re extremely proud of. To find out more we warmly invite you to take a look at our following services.

Regular domestic cleaning ~ weekly, fortnightly or monthly

We offer a great range of regular domestic cleaning options to suit you down to the ground. Whether you want a weekly clean, fortnightly or monthly we have an amazingly efficient team who will keep your house looking beautiful and clean. Great local house cleaners who love what they do are a dream come true and all our cleaners are vetted and checked so you are in safe hands. 100% reliable; our team turn up with a smile and do what they do best - clean! There’s nothing better at the end of a busy day to come home to a professionally cleaned house where you will definitely know the cleaning fairies have been int. We have a 24 hour re-do policy so you have our complete guarantee to do an absolutely fabulous job.


Regular office or commercial cleaning

AbFab Cleaning are known as the cleaning company that add that special sparkle for office and commercial cleaning. You need your staff to work in a hygienic and safe workplace so we go to great lengths to make sure we tackle the hardest of dirt and germs. We have a review process in place so we don’t take our eye of the ball. We know businesses expect the highest of quality when it comes to office or commercial cleaning and this cleaning company is the one you can rely on to never, ever drop our standards. We’re fully insured so you are completely protected if something happens but rest assured, we know what we’re doing and we just want to make sure you know we’ve thought of everything when it comes to taking care of you and your workplace. Your workplace might need a deep clean at the end of the year or a couple of times a year and we’re completely flexible around your needs and wants. It pays to keep the workplace germ free and as your Cleaning Fairies we don’t just make it look good; we make sure it's healthy too.

One-off cleans (pre-sale or purchase, pre mother-in-law visit etc)

Deep cleaning house services is one of our specialities offering all our valued customers not only a one-off option, but a number one star treatment to get your house and property made over. Whether you need a one off cleaner to get your house looking superb pre-sale or purchase, we have just the right highly trained cleaning fairies. You have to know what you’re doing to get a house looking like new and they know exactly what they’re doing. Maybe you have family coming to stay and you don’t have the time or energy to give the house a spring clean? That’s ok - just give us a call and we’ll send our exceptional domestic cleaners on their way. Deep cleaning services allows us to wave our Cleaning Fairy wand and bring your home or workplace back to life again. The results really do speak for themselves because our fully trained team have extremely high standards and we expect nothing but the best. They all have a natural flair for superior cleaning.


Cleaning of Rentals Properties pre or between tenancies

There are certain responsibilities tenants have when they vacate their rental property and that is to ensure the house is left clean and tidy. Many renters work hard every day and the thought of having to spend a whole weekend cleaning fills them with dread. That’s why our end of lease cleaning is geared to your needs. Get in contact for our end of lease cleaning services so you can hand over the keys to the landlord with pride. It’s our opportunity to really show off. You could be a fed-up landlord who’s been left with an unclean house and you need professional domestic cleaners so your rental is ready for the next tenant. Let us tell you our rental house cleaning services sets the industry standard. Rental cleaning takes the hard work out of your hands and makes sure you continue to get a good return of investment from your property. We’re fully insured so you’re fully protected. You de-stress while we clean up the mess is one of our favourite promises and there’s nothing like handing the cleaning job over to the experts to get the job done to the highest standards. What a relief!

Holiday accommodation cleaning, as and when required or on a regular basis

Bach cleaners and holiday accommodation cleaning services puts the joy back in owning your own beach pad. If you want to enjoy your holiday home and then rent it out to others to enjoy too our domestic cleaners have a flair for making it look like no one has been there at all. You and your guests will walk in that front door and feel instantly relaxed and rejuvenated because we’re the cleaning company who takes great pleasure in everyone enjoying a well-earned break. All our staff are fully vetted and checked, we’re fully insured and we have a very stringent review process so we’ve thought of everything we can do to make sure you receive out of this world results.


We also specialise in oven cleaning

It’s a well-known fact that oven cleaning is one of those jobs that fills people with dread. Well not at AbFab Cleaning because we have the gears and the enthusiasm to turn that scungy oven into a beautiful, clean sparkling oven. We have the best oven cleaners in town by far and we’re proud to say that when the job is done we look back with great pleasure that your oven has that “just been delivered” look and smell. Let our cleaning fairies deal with the hardest cleaning job in the home. You destress while we clean up the mess!

We deal in your carpet cleaning and window cleaning for you

Need a carpet cleaner or window cleaner to finish off the job? We can absolutely help you out there too. We are your one stop shop when it comes to your cleaning needs and you only have to know one number to dial. We expect the best which means you get the best.


Builder / Renovation Clean

After Builders Cleaning is the perfect way to finish out your renovation. Not only is it a valuable service in terms of saving you time and effort, it is also a comfort. Post-renovation cleaning is a great way to impose closure on your building project. And the best part is that you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll do all the dirty work! We have performed thousands of construction cleanups, and our crews know what they are doing. We will always work according to your specific needs; if you have special requests or considerations, please mention them when speaking with our staff.